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A Successful Return To Bristol

It’s always a pleasure to paint for such a special charity in kids out, having worked with them and supported them for many many years. The Fun and Happiness charity as they are known, do a great deal for mothers and children that have suffered domestic abuse at the hands of their partners, often they have to flee their abusive partners with no possessions at all so its important they receive as much help as possible. At their question of sport event in Bristol, I was asked to create a piece that celebrated the iconic “Suspension Bridge”which is spectacular to behold when coming into view. The Clifton suspension bridge was a project that began in 1754 and was not completed until 1864 and goes across the River Avon. The bridge was designed by architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel with an Egyptian theme being present within the two towers at either side. I decided to do a night-time version of the bridge capturing the iconic cliffs in my style, which is influenced a lot by shape and pattern. Matisse and Picasso have always been artistic hero’s of mine and their influence runs through my work. I also use a lot of 24k gold within my work alongside palladium and other precious metals as I believe it adds a certain richness to my paintings. Jonny Gould is a tremendous auctioneer and a great friend of mine. He is the best in the business and has raised close to a billion for charity over his illustrious career. We managed to sell the piece for 18k to a wonderful collector of my work. Nigel Holland of Taylor Wimpey is a terrific gentleman and supporter of my work and I just want to thank him immensely for purchasing my work and I will do my upmost best to repay his faith in me by getting as far as I can in my career.

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