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Celebrating Triumphs in Gold: Ben Mosley Named Official Artist for Team GB at Paris Olympics

In an exciting announcement leading up to the Paris Olympics, Team GB has appointed renowned artist Ben Mosley as their official artist for one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. With a unique vision to capture the success of British athletes in real time through live paintings, Mosley’s distinct artistic style is set to add a touch of brilliance to the celebration of Olympic victories. To find out more please click this link.

What sets Ben Mosley’s approach apart is his use of real 24k gold in his artwork, a material synonymous with Olympic triumphs and the colour of champions. Within this collaboration, with his use of real gold leaf, Mosley aims to infuse each piece with a sense of prestige and honour, mirroring the exceptional achievements of Team GB’s athletes on the world stage.

Throughout the Paris Olympics, Ben will create a total of nine paintings, each dedicated to celebrating the victories and accomplishments of Team GB’s athletes. Working with acrylic paint, Mosley will bring these dynamic moments to life in real time at the heart of the action – Team GB House. This live art experience promises to offer spectators and supporters a unique insight into the creative process behind commemorating the sporting success of Team GB.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Mosley’s involvement is the opportunity for fans and art enthusiasts to own a piece of this historic collaboration. Following the completion of each painting, these unique works of art will be made available for sale, allowing individuals to own a unique piece of historical art showcasing Team GB’s triumphs at the Paris Olympics.

For Ben Mosley, this partnership with Team GB represents a thrilling opportunity to merge the worlds of sports and art in a truly innovative way. By capturing the essence of victory through his paintings, Mosley aims to immortalise the spirit of determination, excellence, and teamwork that defines the Olympic Games.

In the golden glow of Ben Mosley’s creations, the success of Team GB at the Paris Olympics will be immortalised and celebrated for years to come.

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