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In New York to paint live for McDonalds and the World Cup

Hi Everyone,

Its a great honour to be representing the UK in association with McDonalds for the World Cup. So basically from 500 artists across the globe I was selected as the UK artist to have  my work displayed on the McDonalds Fry Box globally. I’ve been told that an estimated 60 million people a day through out the world will be seeing my  work. My painting “Fans Of The World” represents the sentiments I believe to invaluable when it comes to football and a spectacle as important and as grand as the World Cup. I believe the World Cup brings people together in celebration from all walks of life and backgrounds so calling my piece “Fans Of The World” makes sense to me because it represents everything that I believe to be good about the game.


My “Fans Of The World” fry box has now reached Japan, Australia, USA and Dubai which is great  exposure for me so tonight I will be producing a live painting celebrating the World Cup in Brazil and celebrating the beautiful game. I can’t wait it should be a great event and I’m really looking forward to it. I certainly will be posting further news on here about it. Its going to be 7ft by 7ft so I have a real challenge to get the painting finished in this timeframe we’ll find out!!!

photo 1
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