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Mosley Fly’s to New York And Paints Live For The World Cup In Association with McDonalds

Hi Everyone,

I created my painting “Team Spirit” live in New York City in association with McDonalds and the football World Cup in Brazil. I was given 3 hours to complete the 7ft by 7ft canvas and I concentrated on producing an image that celebrated the spirit of the world cup and what I believe to be important in football. My image depicts the team huddled together in a circle showing unity and strength. Football is a tribal game that brings people together in celebration. I wanted to show these sentiments in my work. This world cup has proved how important football is to everyday life. To be part of a team and achieve something special when working together is paramount to success not just in football but in everyday life as well. It has been a magical world cup, full of respect and camaraderie and fair play. The game still has the power to make dreams fly and influence many across the world. I am proud that I have been able to be a small part of it.

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