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Painting Live at Meydan

Yesterday I was given the ultimate opportunity by Meydan Racecourse in Dubai to live paint a scene of the evening. On a Thursday night, a racing event, or a “meet” as its called here I believe is held  in Dubai and these horses are the most beautiful animals I have ever seen. The atmoshphere and sheer immensity of the place is breathtaking.  I can not express in words the enormity or grandeur of the race course but it is truly spectacular and is the coliseum of the horse racing world to be sure. I was given four hours to make a start on a painting that captures the wonderful atmosphere of this magical place and the position I was granted to capture a scene in my style was just unbelievable. I was granted access to the parade ring where the horses are shown before the race and they are truly beautiful.  But that is not all, the sheer size of the main stand is overwhelming and hold ups to 50,000 people. I believe it is 1.4km long.

I think I was painting live in front of 30,000 people last night and I just can’t believe I was given the opportunity. Ross Bain is a tremendous man and I can’t thank him enough for organising this opportunity for me, or the officials at Meydan who I very grateful to for presenting me with this lifetime experience. I will post more photos later, but for now here is one that gives you a feel of Meydans splendeour.

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