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Team GB Art Exhibition – Japan House

Once again, it was a privilege to don my Team GB artist cap, and represent the Olympic Association! On 4th November, Japan House – Kensington Street, London – played host to an official Team GB sports exhibition. My chosen works for display, collectively entitled ‘Gold and Glory – A Celebration of British Athletes’, all paid homage to an incredible Olympic summer of sport; from athlete focused paintings to broader Tokyo/London cultural pieces.

Alongside some Team GB representatives and associates, it was a pleasure to see some of the athletes again. Having previously met a number of the 2020 Tokyo Team GB athletes whilst creating the ‘Medal Moments Mural’, it was a pleasure to once again chat to them and see how the Olympics has changed their lives.

I also had a number of brochures created for the event, highlighting my position as a Team GB artist with a brief bio, in addition to displaying some of the other projects I’ve been working on. Big thanks to everyone involved with the exhibition, it was a great evening and I look forward to the next one.


This painting represents the bond between two nations that believe, deeply, in friendship and camaraderie. Yuujou is a celebration of Great British and Japanese friendship and incorporates elements from the Tokyo skyline and the London skyline to set a shimmering backdrop, in front of which we see crowds of jubilant fans; proudly waving their Japanese flags and Union Jacks side-by-side. This painting captures the spirit of the people coming together as a community.


153cm x 122cm

(60.23in x 48.03in)

Acrylic, 24k Gold Leaf and Palladium on canvas

Max’s Triumph

This piece is, quite simply, a tribute to Great Britain’s most successful gymnast of all time. A double gold winner in Rio 2016, to see him further his legend with another gold in Tokyo, was truly awe inspiring. This piece focuses on his Rio performance and shows Max in four different ways; on the pommel horse; on the floor; flying through the air and triumphant with his fist pumped in the air. The painting contains real 24k gold to honour and reflect his triumph. The crowd you see in the piece are a representation of us – the people of Great Britain – celebrating his continued achievements.


160cm x 120cm

( 60.23in x 48.03in )

Acrylic and precious metals on canvas

BOA 125

This painting celebrates 125 years of British Athletes from 1896 to Tokyo 2021 at the Olympic Games. The painting is also a nod to the classic film Chariots of Fire with heroes such as Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams who competed in the 1924 Olympic games included in the piece. I have depicted many athletes carrying the torch which I believe to be a symbol of hope and pride. Since those Games in 1896, Team GB has attended every Games since – something no other country in the world has achieved – including Moscow 1980, which saw 65 nations boycott the Games. It has taken over 6,000 athletes to Games around the world, winning an incredible 957 medals (925 medals at Summer Games and 32 at Winter Games) placing Team GB fourth on the all-time list.


80cm x 80cm

(31.5in x 31.5in)

Acrylic and 24k Gold Leaf on canvas

The 65

The “65” celebrates all of the Team GB Athletes that competed during the Olympic games in Tokyo. An amazing 65 medals were won at the games this summer by our talented Team GB athletes. Every medal win is honoured in the piece and the painting has taken influence from stained glass windows and is a commemorative piece of work in tribute to Team GB. There is 24k gold, palladium and copper leaf within the piece, thus representing the colours of the medals obtained. An incredible 376 athletes competed during the Olympics in Tokyo which saw one of Team GB’s most successful medal winning hauls of all time. I chose the London Skyline because Team GB headquarters is based in London and felt with it being 10 years since London hosted the Olympic Games next year that this should also be recognised.


100cm x 100cm

(39.37in x 39.37in)

Acrylic and precious metals on canvas

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