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Ben collaborates with Marie Curie

Marie Curie have collaborated with official Team GB artist Ben Mosley to create an exclusive collection of merchandise based on his original artwork “Daffodils Forever” The painting was officially commissioned by Marie Curie, and the collection is available to purchase from the Marie Curie shop.

Ben supports Marie Curie regularly through his art, particularly through his live paintings at the Marie Curie Brain games in London, where his record sale is £36k. Ben explains his thought process behind his piece

I wanted to create a piece that celebrates the incredible work Marie Curie nurses do to help families and patients in their most difficult hour. The vase represents the nurses and is the colour of the blue shirts that I’ve seen Marie Curie nurses wear. The vase supports the flowers and cares for them like the nurses do with the patients. The flowers represent the patients and the yellow section in the middle of the piece is representing the warmth and comfort that the nurses give the patients when caring for them. The original painting will be sold in partnership with The Marie Curie Brain game on Thursday 18th March, organised by my great friend and Marie Curie supporter Paul Healey. Ben has recently featured in Hello magazine with Mike Tindall promoting the collection for Marie Curie.

Above is from Hello Magazine and shows Ben with Mike and Zara Tindall

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