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I really enjoy taking on the challenge of creating a bespoke piece of art for a private client, or organisation and making something in my style that can be enjoyed for many years and hopefully an investment.  

Private fine art commissions are currently available. I consider it to be a great honour that you would consider me to create a bespoke piece of art for you. I’m really passionate about the art I create and want each painting I create to leave a legacy.  Each commission  is an opportunity for us to collaborate and for me to tell your story in my style that hopefully will be enjoyed for many years to come. Please do get in touch with me and I would be delighted to discuss options and requirements with you. 

How it works

Idea / Concept
Do you have an idea or concept you would like turned into a unique piece of luxury artwork?
Get in touch
Complete the contact form below to start the initial process
Discussion around the idea and
The first step is to arrange a call to go through the requirements and how much input you would like in the design of the artwork and the media (canvas, object, wall)
Concept Agreement
Some artworks require planning but my style works best when it happens dynamically on the canvas, wall or object.
Paint It!
Once everyone is agreed on the process and the piece, its time to put the brushes to work!
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Previous Commissions


What is a Commission?

An art commission refers to a client paying an artist to create a custom work of art. Typically, this means that the artist will be making a piece for the client’s personal collection, but it can also be for a special event, business, corporate collection, museum, or other institution.

All commissions provide an excellent opportunity of, not only purchasing a unique piece of art – painted especially for you – creating a focal point in your home or office, providing decades of discussion and appreciation, but also signifies a future investment. Ben’s career and reputation as a premier fine artist continue to go from strength to strength and – with this – so too do the value of his original pieces.

The sky’s the limit – within reason – some of Bens previous commissions are:

Simply complete the contact form and Ben – or a member of his team – will be back in touch, as soon as possible, to follow-up and find out a bit more information about the desired piece.

The pricing of each piece will vary – as will timescale – depending on size, desired materials, location etc. So please feel free to drop an enquiry, using the contact form below and we’ll be back in touch with further information.

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