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Ben has produced artwork for World Class brands and collaborated with the likes of Hello Magazine, ITV, McDonalds, Manchester United, Club Wembley, and Team GB

Ben showcases his artwork in various different ways, whether that be on the iconic Fry box of McDonalds or on the walls of Wembley Stadium where he has created two large scale artworks celebrating the history of the home of football.

His ‘Fans of the World’ artwork was chosen by McDonald’s for their fries box as part of their global sponsorship campaign for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil – and was seen by 65 million people worldwide.


In 2022, Ben collaborated with Hello! magazine to create a special portrait of the Queen in celebration of her platinum jubilee.

The painting was featured on the cover of Hello! and also as a commemorative centre-fold piece. The painting was created using plenty of real 24carat gold and celebrates elements of the illustrious monarchs life. 

It is hoped that the painting will eventually go into the Royal collection. 

On the 30th November 2016, Ben was invited to paint global superstar and EACH Ambassador Ed Sheeran, at the Natural History Museum. The fundraiser was in aid of Each Anglia Children Hospice and the Gee Wizz Foundation and Ben painted in front of a live audience.

Ed Sheeran standing with Ben after signing his painting
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To celebrate The 2014 FIFA World Cup In Brazil, McDonald’s launched a global competition for artists to have their work featured on their iconic fries box. Twelve artists from around the world were chosen and Ben was selected to represent the UK. It was estimated that Ben’s design was seen by over 60 million people worldwide.

Following this success, Ben was flown out to New York as part of the McDonald’s 2014 World Cup promotional campaign. He was invited to do a live painting at a celebrity World Cup launch party, where he created a life-size painting of his iconic image ‘Team Spirit’.

Officially commissioned by Wembley Stadium, Ben created twelve canvases and a mural spanning nearly 20 metres along the wall in the club Wembley Gold Section. The installation celebrates both the past and the present and documents the transition from the old to the new Wembley Stadium, with a mural of the crowd linking the two together.

In 2022 and 2023, Ben Mosley had the honour of exhibiting his work at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery, marking a significant milestone in his career as an artist.

However, it was in 2023 that he achieved a ground-breaking feat by becoming one of the first artists to conduct a live painting  at the world-renowned Saatchi Gallery during the week of the Frieze Art Fair. Over the course of five days, Ben demonstrated his creativity by creating a large-scale canvas that paid homage to his profound affection for the city of London.

The artwork depicted iconic buildings and drew inspiration from the distinctive shapes of the city’s architecture. The piece was dedicated to the King’s Coronation, a historic year for the UK.

Ben Mosley’s collaboration with TAG Heuer x Porsche represents a fusion of automotive excellence, horological precision, and artistic innovation. Tasked with painting a 901 sculpture of a Porsche in his distinctive style, Ben drew inspiration from the engineering prowess of the renowned TAG Heuer timepieces and the intricate patterns of the watch’s cogs.

The resulting artwork reflects a  blend of automotive design and horological influence, showcasing Bens ability to translate the essence of these iconic brands on to a stunning sculpture which is currently on display in the Tag Heuer flagship store in Stratford.

Barnsley Mural Finished

Ben’s collaboration with Barnsley FC resulted in a celebration of the club’s rich history and passionate fanbase through the creation of a 60-metre mural and various paintings displayed around the stadium. With a deep appreciation for the team’s legacy, players, and supporters, Ben meticulously hand-painted the expansive mural directly onto the concourse of the Ponty End wall behind the goal.

The mural serves as a captivating visual timeline, honouring the football club’s journey from its inception in 1887 to the present day, immortalising key moments and beloved figures in the team’s history.

Ben Mosley’s collaboration with Marie Curie, has seen his creation of a painting featuring the iconic daffodil, the symbol of Marie Curie transformed and displayed on a wide range of clothing, from silk scarves to various apparel, effectively merging art and fashion in support of the charity’s mission.

Additionally, Mosley’s commitment to live painting has contributed  in raising substantial funds for Marie Curie, with his efforts over the last decade contributing to a total of close to £300,000 for the illustrious charity. 

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