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Wembley Stadium

Football has always meant the world to me and I’m a huge England fan. To have two murals on display at the home football is a terrific honour. I’m really excited that my art helps to tell the history of the greatest football stadium in the world.

Wembley Mural

Wembley History Mural

Ben is the first artist to create two murals at Wembley Stadium. The ‘History’ mural documents Wembley’s greatest events from when it first opened in 1923 to the present day. Hand-painted directly onto the wall, the mural shows the crowd walking through time, bearing witness to each event that has taken place at the illustrious stadium.

Tale of Two Wembleys

Officially commissioned by Wembley Stadium, Ben created twelve canvases and a mural spanning nearly 50 metres along the wall in the club Wembley Gold Section. The installation celebrates both the past and the present and documents the transition from the old to the new Wembley Stadium, with a mural of the crowd linking the two together.

FA Cup Final Live Painting

As an Englishman, Ben is passionate about the National Anthem and believes that the tradition of singing it at Wembley brings people together. Wembley stadium is known throughout the world and the connection with fans runs deep, with the stadium renowned as the home of football. 

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