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Medal Mural - Tokyo 2020

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The mural was created in real time during the Olympic games from the 23rd of July to the 8th of August 2021. As you enter the building, the wall to the right by the door celebrates the opening ceremony, you will see Mohammed Sibhi and Hannah Mills carrying the British flag. The mural continues from the lion closest to the window, passion, respect, courage, unity, and starts from Chelsie Giles and Bradley Sinden, who secured our first medals of the games. The mural then continues around the space with each medal documented in real time as they were won by our amazing Team GB athletes. Look out for the closing ceremony which shows our Olympians returning home on origami inspired cranes in celebration and tribute of a wonderful Olympic games hosted magnificently by Tokyo. I painted the mural freehand directly on the wall as the medals came in. There were days where I had nine medals to complete, and at times it was difficult to keep up with the brilliance of our fabulous Team GB. I kept at it and in the end managed to achieve my goal and completed the closing ceremony on the 8th of August, which was when the Tokyo Olympics concluded. This has been the greatest honour of my career to work with Team GB. I’m super grateful to Team GB and to Carnaby Street for giving me this amazing opportunity to showcase my work and help me to realise a lifetime ambition of representing Team GB through my art. Thank you for all your amazing support and lovely comments, the public who came to watch and support were superb and I’ll always be grateful for the kind comments and also the amazing Olympians that have taken the time to come to see the mural. It means the world to me!!

“To be an official artist for Team GB is a huge honour and a big responsibility as well. It was a privilege to be able to capture some of the biggest moments in British sporting history”.

To view the full mural in virtual reality, check out the interactive tour available here.

If using a mobile device to view the parts of the mural below, it’s recommended to rotate to landscape view to allow zooming more easily and to view the more intricate details of the piece! 


Over the course of the Olympics mural creation, my process was captured, in it’s entirety. That footage has now been processed and the timelapse videos from each day on the medal mural, are available here!

Time Lapses

17 Videos

To see the live streams from each day please take at a look at this YouTube playlist.

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