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Here you will find further information on my brand collaborations, murals, live painting and charity work. I really enjoy challenging myself and working to achieve new and exciting pieces, please also check out my video library to find out more about how i create my work

Ben on stage live painting
Painting live for the Green Room

I’m always looking to explore new opportunities and create live paintings in different locations. I really enjoy the pressure of painting in front of an audience and providing an insight into how I work as an artist. I like to use lots of real 24k gold and precious metals in my work. 

Hello Magazine Queen's Jubilee

As an artist, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of brands and organisations, each experience was a pleasure and to have collaborated with high profile brads such as Wembley Stadium, Manchester United and Team GB is an incredible privilege 

Hoyland Mural
Hoyland Mural

Murals are an amazing way of telling a story on a huge scale and creating a public artwork that the community can enjoy for years to come. I’ve really enjoyed creating murals for Team GB and Wembley Stadium.

Charity Work

Marie Curie Collaboration Banner
Marie Curie Range

I’ve supported many charities through various different initiatives related to my art, through live painting and also collaborating to put my art on high end merchandise such as silk scarves and luxury handbags.

Video Library

I’m always really excited to record the process of my work whether that’s in my studio or at a venue. Every blank canvas is an opportunity to tell a story and create something special and here you will see my process unfold. There are a variety of videos on show, please enjoy and welcome to my world as an artist

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