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Day 10 – Whitlock’s World

Declan Brooks got an amazing silver in the freestyle BMX and Charlotte Worthington got an incredible gold in female iteration of the same event, putting down a 360 backflip for the first time in Olympic history.

It’s hard not to be swept up in Max-mania though. Max Whitlock was the first athlete to put down his run in the final of the pommel horse and he didn’t disappoint. An incredible score of 15.583 was enough to hold on, and better all the athletes that laid down their runs afterwards.

Having painted his 2016 double gold for a Team GB just before these games, it felt like his gold in Tokyo saw my work with him come full circle. Incredible athlete and incredible ambassador for British Olympics for over a decade. It’s easy to believe that – that way he has conducted himself and the way he has performed for his country – will be enough to cement his eternal legacy.

Could we be hearing, ‘Arise, Sir Max Whitlock’ in January?

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