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Barnsley F.C.

“It’s an honour to be the official artist of Barnsley Football Club”

Barnsley Mural

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Barnsley F.C. Mural

Official Barnsley F.C. artist Ben Mosley’s “Ponty End” Mural stands at Oakwell as a monumental tribute to Barnsley F.C.’s rich history and colossal figures that wore the famous red. Ben endeavoured to capture the essence of Barnsley’s football legacy by immortalising legends like Ronnie Glavin, Eric Winstanley, and Neil Redfearn, alongside globally renowned stars such as John Stones and Republic of Ireland International manager Mick McCarthy. The mural, stretching an impressive 60 metres, pays homage to pivotal moments in the club’s rich history, from the triumphant FA Cup victory against West Brom in 1912 to the exhilarating promotion to the Premier League in 1997. Through vibrant imagery and storytelling, Mosley’s mural encapsulates the wonderful history of Barnsley F.C., serving as a source of pride and inspiration for fans and players alike.

1912 FA Cup Win

Still the only team to win the FA Cup in Yorkshire, My painting of Barnsley F.C.’s 1912 FA Cup winning superstars was created using acrylic paint and gold leaf on canvas.

The gold leaf on the shirts being a metaphor of a golden era. Even though our FA Cup win was many years ago, there is a great sense of pride knowing we have won the competition. 

130th Anniversary project

Here are a selection of images that show my time at Oakwell over the last few months.

Being a Barnsley fan this has been a very special project and I’m very honoured to have been involved with my club and the Reds in the community heritage project Our Club, Our Ground, Our Past, Our Future.

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