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Working with McDonald’s on number of projects was simply fantastic. I was honoured to have my painting Fans of the world on their iconic fry box. 

Fans of the World

Fry Box (Fans of the World)

In celebration of The 2014 FIFA World Cup In Brazil, McDonald’s launched a global competition for artists to have their work featured on their iconic fries box. Twelve artists from around the world were chosen and Ben was selected to represent the UK.

The renowned McDonald’s red fries box had never been changed before and it was estimated that Ben’s design was seen by over 60 million people worldwide.

Live Painting in New York

Following the success of his fries box design, Ben was flown out to New York as part of the McDonald’s 2014 World Cup promotional campaign. He was invited to do a live painting at a celebrity World Cup launch party in Midtown Manhattan, where he created a life-size painting of his iconic image ‘Team Spirit’.

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Grassroots Football

Ben was commissioned by McDonalds UK to produce a live painting as part of a community project supported by the English Football Association. Ware Youth F.C. were selected as the youth team to take part in the initiative.

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