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4 Month Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been a good year so far and I’ve managed to progress forward in may ways, particularly being able to move to a new studio close to Hatfield which is not far from London. I will be posting photos of this shortly

When I think about what I have managed to achieve over the last few years, I have to be pleased, but I’m not satisfied and want to achieve more. There is a ver long way to go before I feel satisfied and I still wake up every morning with this hunger and burning desire to improve myself and to achieve more.

I have managed to now raise 150,00GBP in just under 3 years for charity and still keep my excellent relationship with Marie Curie, The Mark Anderson Foundation and also Kids Out Charity, which 3 tremendous charities and its always a pleasure to work with them. I have also been asked to become an ambassador for Kent for a great cause Young Kent Ambassador. I’m looking forward to working with them.

I’m still heavily involved with Wembley Stadium and have my paintings around the concourse of Club Wembley and also have produced two large scale murals which I have hand painted directly on to the wall. Having my art on the McDonalds fry box was something extra special which went global and enabled me to produce a live painting in New York celebrating the football world cup in Brazil. Then on to working with ITV and painting live on National Television was also something extraordinary and an achievement I can feel proud of.

Above you will find links to videos that show my work with McDonalds and ITV.

This week I am going to paint live for Kids Out Charity and next week Marie Curie at the House builder brain game. Both paintings will be produced live on the night and subsequently auctioned off to help raise money for the charities respectively.

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