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Ben Mosley sells his painting of Ed Sheeran for £25,000

When I met Ed Sheeran, it was a terrific honour. Currently he is one of the greatest musicians in the world and certainly one of the most famous. I painted him live at the Natural History Museum. What a venue that was, one of Britain’s most iconic venues in terms of the museum and the artifacts it houses. So, to be able to paint at the Natural History Museum was a superb thing in itself.

I was given 2 1/2 hours to create a painting from scratch of Ed Sheeran, which was then auctioned off. I was really pleased to see the painting sold for £25,000. After selling the piece, I took the painting upstairs to show Ed before he went on stage to deliver his comeback concert. He was a terrific performer and a gentleman. He really appreciated the piece I created and how much it sold for. It was a terrific moment that I thoroughly enjoyed. Live painting Ed Sheeran and creating a portrait of him was a great experience that will stay with me forever. Hopefully, in years to come, it will be worth quite a lot more as Ed and I signed the piece. I aim to keep pushing my value up as an artist and repay the faith my collectors have shown in me by investing in my work.

Ben meeting Ed Sheeran where his painting sold for £25,000

After meeting Ed I also had the opportunity to create a painting of Ed based on his song “Castle on the Hill”. This piece sold for an incredible £20,000 to see this piece please click this link–the-castle-2020-ben-mosley-painting/?lot=439134&sd=1

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