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Ben Mosley teams up with Mike Tindall for Charity

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are well and that you and your families are keeping safe. So I wanted to do as much as I could to help charities in need and am very proud to say that I’ve teamed up with Mike Tindall, England Rugby World Cup winner to support some amazing charities. The best way I felt I could do this was to create a unique painting which pays tribute to the NHS and all the key workers that have helped to save so many lives during this time of crisis. The painting which is titled “The Stadium Of Life” can be purchased on Superstars Charity Auctions.

To put in a bid and for further information about the piece, please click here.

The stadium of Life, 120 x 180cm, Acrylic paint and 24k gold leaf on canvas  

Stadium of life explained “The NHS and the key workers have done an amazing job saving lives and keeping us fed and safe since Covid-19 became a national and global pandemic. I wanted to create a metaphorical piece of art that celebrated and acknowledged their sacrifice and efforts. I appreciate that the painting shows a crowd of people coming together in a stadium, which is not something we can do at present physically, but it is the spirit of the public and the feeling of gratitude and pride that we have for our NHS and brave key workers that I wanted to capture. I felt a crowd celebrating in a stadium was the best way I could depict this in a way that people could relate to. Sports stadiums are where heroes are made and celebrated throughout all of time. In the painting I wanted to give the nurses, doctors and all the other key workers a platform where they could be remembered by future generations as heroes for saving countless lives in years to come.”

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