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Marie Curie A Truly Special Charity

Last Thursday, I was fortunate enough to work with Marie Curie Cancer Care. The people that work there are so very special and the work they do to help people is amazing. A magnificent charity. I will help them for as many years as I am able.


I produced a painting of The Gherkin which was a real challenge and it was something unique for me. I won’t say to much because I want you as the viewer to make your own decision about the piece of art.  All I will say is that people see things differently and I wanted to create something that represents that sentiment. I was also very honoured to meet Sally and her daughter Sarah. Two lovely people. Sally is a Marie Curie nurse that is very brave and helps people who are terminally ill. Her speech was outstanding and I was deeply moved by it when I heard of her experiences whilst completing my painting. I have the up most respect for both her and Sarah who are both exceptional people and are clearly very close as mother and daughter

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