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Charity Gala Dinners

“I enjoy being on stage painting in front of a live audience at high profile dinners because it gives me the opportunity to show people the process of my art. Live painting is an immersive experience and something I thoroughly enjoy doing.”

 If the event is a charitable evening with the sole-purpose to raise money, Ben has between four to six hours to create a finished piece from start to finish. When Ben paints at big events in London, the audience can range from 600 to 2000 people and include various celebrities. His painting is auctioned off in the live auction to help raise money for the charity that is hosting the evening.

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Ben created a Marie Curie record with his painting ‘London Jubilee Skyline’at the Marie Curie Brain Game at the Brewery in London with the painting selling for £43,000 with world class auctioneer Jonny Gould. Click to see this above and a short extract showing the live painting process.

How it works
Arrive + Setup prior to guest arrival
I supply all materials, easel's and lights required for the production of the artwork.

I only require a space near the guests seating area to setup in usually at least 2m x 2m.
Paint the Piece
Paint a full piece from blank canvas to completed artwork during the event in front of your guests (usually around 4 to 6 hours) .

Including precious metals being added to the artwork
The piece of artwork produced is auctioned off by a professional auctioneer. With the aim to raise as much for charity as possible.
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Charities Ben has worked with

Ben has worked with a number of charity’s over the years. The following are a list of some of them. For a full list of charity events I’ve been involved with see my Charity News


Ben created a record with his painting ‘Tower Bridge’ at the Marie Curie Brain Game at the Brewery in London with the painting selling for £43,000 through world class auctioneer Jonny Gould. For his painting on behalf of Marie Curie, he introduced a 24 carat gold leaf element into the work. It features a view of the London skyline from the BT Tower and celebrates how new and old architecture sits side by side in the Capital.

I’m deeply honoured to support such a wonderful charity in the Hambo Foundation. It took me just over four hours to complete – live and with an engaged audience – over the course of the evening. “Red Boat and Tower Bridge” sold for a whopping £45,000!

Ben Mosley had the extraordinary opportunity to meet superstar Ed Sheeran at the Natural History Museum, after creating a live painting of the global superstar. The painting was auctioned for 25k.. what a gent Ed Sheeran is. Ben Mosley paints Ed Sheeran live at the Natural History Museum.

I’ve always enjoyed painting for Mike and Zara Tindall. I’m thrilled that they have two paintings of mine in their private collection and whenever I am asked to live paint for Mike at his celebrity golf day, I’m thrilled to take the opportunity to do so. It’s a real pleasure to have created this special piece that celebrates three huge accolades, The Kings Coronation, the Rugby 2003 tribute and also the 10th year anniversary of Mikes Foundation.

It was great to support Lawrence Dallaglio and create a special 2003 world Cup winning Rugby themed tribute piece for his foundation. Still remember Jonny Wilkinsons last minute kick as if it was yesterday! Great result making 35k for Lawrence’s charity.

During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ben Mosley created a poignant painting to honour the dedication and sacrifice of key workers and the National Health Service (NHS). This heartfelt artwork served as a symbol of gratitude and support for those on the frontlines, capturing the resilience and heroism of essential workers during the crisis. The painting, was sold to raise crucial funds for Cure Parkinson’s.

Ben Mosley’s live painting, created at Ten Trinity Square in London, stands as a tribute to movie star Hugh Grant and his cinematic legacy. The artwork, a vivid celebration of four of Hugh’s most iconic movies—Notting Hill, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Mickey Blue Eyes—captures the essence of the beloved actor’s career and the enduring appeal of his most memorable roles. The painting, was further enhanced by the actor himself, who graciously signed the piece. This extraordinary collaboration was not only a testament to Mosley’s talent but also a demonstration of Grant’s support for the cause the painting was created to benefit. Indeed, the creation of the artwork was in support of Hacked Off, a charity dedicated to advocating for a free and accountable press, showcasing the transformative power of art in championing meaningful social causes.

At Peter Jones’s charity day, Frank and Christine Lampard had the opportunity to acquire a captivating London skyline artwork created by Ben Mosley. The piece captured the iconic landmarks and vibrant energy of London in Bens distinctive style. The acquisition by the Lampard’s not only demonstrated their appreciation for Bens art but also underscored their support for the charitable cause associated with the event. This exchange highlighted the power of art to unite individuals in support of philanthropic endeavours, while also showcasing the appeal of Ben’s work among influential figures.

Ben has also created live paintings of celebrities, such as Ed Sheeran and Alan Shearer and Hugh Grant, as well as different sporting moments in time at charitable evenings, In historical buildings such as the Natural History Museum. So far his live paintings have helped to raise close to 1.8 million pounds for High profile charitable organisations. Some of these include Marie Curie, The Butterfly Ball-Cauldwell Children, The Mike Tindall Foundation, The Matt Hampson Foundation, and the Peter Jones Foundation.

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