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Marie Curie Collaboration

In the spring of 2021, Ben and Marie Curie collaborated to produce a capsule collection of merchandise that would help raise valuable funds for the charity. Ben’s painting “Daffodils Forever” was designed in a way where it could be transferred on to silk scarves, tote bags, socks and tea towels, demonstrating the versatility of his work

Ben explains his thought process behind his painting ‘Daffodils Forever’, “The vase represents the nurses and is the colour of the blue shirts that I’ve seen Marie Curie nurses wear. The vase supports the flowers and cares for them like the nurses do with the patients. The flowers represent the patients and the yellow section in the middle of the piece is representing the warmth and comfort that the nurses give the patients when caring for them”

To view the collection please click this link to be taken to the Marie Curie Shop.

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