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Live Painting at the Saatchi Gallery October 2023!!

It was incredible to live paint at the World Class Saatchi Gallery in front of thousands of people during the Frieze Art week over a period of five days. What a venue, what an opportunity and it was something I really enjoyed. I’ve always believed that art is one of the best forms of communication, so to be able to show people my vision and create a painting of one of the best skylines in the world on a huge scale in front of the general public was a terrific feeling. Ive always really enjoyed building form through shape and pattern and taking the shapes from various different types of architecture and making them my own through the use of line. This particular piece was in celebration of the Kings Coronation and is made up of many union flags to showcase this. Can you tell that the piece was made up of eight 100x100cm pieces? To see the painting being created in real time at the Saatchi please click below

Come on a journey with me and see the public watch me create my London Skyline live at the Saatchi Gallery in London October 2023
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