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Live Painting

Live painting in front of a large audience or the general public, all while against the clock, certainly creates some pressure and entertainment.

Producing live paintings at high profile Gala dinners, at huge sporting events in arenas such as Wembley Stadium and the Emirates Golf club in Dubai and for Team GB in Carnaby Street London is something I love doing. I thoroughly enjoy and thrive under the pressure of showing people what I can do.

House Builder Brain Game Marie Curie
Marie Curie - House Builder Brain Game

As a live painter I enjoy the performance and pressure of having to deliver a live painting, at a high-profile charity dinner event. Whilst is is incredibly important to me that the painting is auctioned off for the highest possible amount the help raise money for charity, It’s also vitally important to me that people see my work as an investment and I repay their faith in me by being successful in my career.

Enhanced 2
Painting Live at Meydan Dubai

Live painting in big sporting arenas, capturing the action as it unfolds, is a powerful and dynamic way to merge the worlds of art and sports, hopefully creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for fans. By translating the excitement and energy of the game onto the canvas in real time, I can encapsulate the raw emotion and intensity of the sporting event and the amazing talents of our much loved sports stars who are todays modern gladiators.

Legends Event with Vodafone
At the Grosvenor Hotel

I really enjoy live painting at corporate events because it  can serve as a powerful form of entertainment and a way to showcase creativity and innovation, aligning with a company’s brand values and messaging. Additionally, it offers an opportunity for guests to witness the artistic process firsthand, fostering a sense of connection and authenticity. 

Public Mural Hoyland

I believe that public murals can play a crucial role in enriching the fabric of communities and cities by serving as powerful expressions of culture, identity, and creativity. These large-scale artworks have the potential to transform urban spaces, revitalising neglected areas and instilling a sense of pride and ownership among residents.

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