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New Record Sale – 45 Thousand!

Another live event and another milestone reached! As my charity fundraising total nears £1.2million (remember when I reached £1mill?!), I was thrilled to see my latest live painting, beat my record sale.

On Wednesday 2nd March, my painting – Red Boat and Tower Bridge – which was created live at The Brewery in London for the Matt Hampson Foundation, sold for a whopping £45,000!

It was my first live painting event of the year, so it was very humbling to be welcomed back with such warm arms. It took me just over four hours to complete – live and with an engaged audience – over the course of the evening and wow have I missed the feeling! Being in the heart of London, it felt fitting to depict a colourful iteration of the, always majestic, Tower Bridge. The rigid shapes, acute angles and rusted metals of the bridge’s engineering will always suit an expressionist style like mine. London’s skyline has long been a source of inspiration for my capital skyline paintings.

As always, a big and very special thanks to Jonny Gould – who is a master of his craft – and truly the best auctioneer in the business. The man knows exactly what it takes to warm up a crowd and get everyone feeling good.

I’m deeply honoured to support such a wonderful charity in the Hambo Foundation and am truly humbled that somebody would spend that amount on my work. I don’t take any sales for granted and will do my best to repay everyone’s faith in me, by continuing to be successful in my career. It means everything to me and, to continue to check-off these personal goals, achievements and milestones on the way, let’s me know that I’m still improving and heading in the right direction. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

If you’re involved in the booking and management of charitable – or corporate – events and galas, get in touch using the contact form below and maybe I’ll be painting live at an event near you soon!

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